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Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has a guilty pleasure, what ones are yours?

For me, I like to procrastinate but it is not a guilty pleasure. It has been three days since my last post and this whole 31 day challenge is well…..for lack of a better word is challenging!

Now onto my own guilty pleasures!

I will never in my life be able to NOT eat chocolate! It is my ultimate guilty pleasure that I cannot ever get enough of (Okay I admit, sometimes there are such things as too much chocolate). amstutz-chocobunny

I am unable to eat much chocolate or sweets for that matter since losing so much weight. But I refuse to give it up! Everything is in moderation for me, even chocolate.

Another guilty pleasure of mine is playing Second Life. It is a virtual reality game where people are able to customize avatars and live a life outside of our real lives. Some people get a bit too involved with it but it is fun for me. I am currently trying to create a place for people to visit and rent apartments. Yes, you really can make money in Second Life. Some people are very successful and their only source of income is Second Life. It is a guilty pleasure that I visit three or four times per week.

I love to read books and just about any type of genre. I have read from Twilight to 50 Shades of Grey (terribly written by the way) to The Shack. I go to school currently and have little time to read for enjoyment now. But even with my school reading I love to read about everything. My current class is about Christian Ethics and reading about ethics in general is absolutely fascinating.

What are  your own guilty pleasures?

Til next time!