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Childhood Memories

When you think about your earliest childhood memories….what comes to mind? Riding on a two wheel bike without training wheels? Maybe your first day of school? Your older siblings picking on you constantly? Whatever it may be, I found it hard to think of my earliest childhood memory.

I remember my dad sitting me up on the bathroom sink and pulling out one of my loose teeth. I am not sure if this is my earliest childhood memory but it is one of my most treasured memories.

It makes it so much more bittersweet now that my dad has passed. He was the only one I could trust to pull out my tooth, so that I could get a visit from the tooth fairy later on that night.

It is funny, as I sit here thinking about getting my loose tooth pulled out more memories come flooding back. My mind keeps wandering back to our Christmas traditions of travelling up north to visit grandparents on Christmas Eve. Then waking up on Christmas morning and waiting patiently for more family members to come in and we would have the best of times. I remember one year getting a Barbie Dreamhouse for Christmas. It was the best Christmas a kid could ask for.

Always treasure the good moments you have in life. That way, when you are going through the worst time in your life you have something good to look back on. You can get through the bad days a little bit easier by thinking of those great days and memories.

Til Next time!