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Personality Traits I Am Proud Of

It is often difficult to try and describe your own personality traits. In fact, all I did was take a personality test online and the results are….interesting to say the least. If you are interested in taking the same personality test I took just look for the link at the bottom of this post.

As it turns out I have an ENFP personality, a campaigner. I am extroverted, intuitive, emotional, prospective, and assertive.

The website states:

The ENFP personality is a true free spirit. They are often the life of the party, but unlike Explorers, they are less interested in the sheer excitement and pleasure of the moment than they are in enjoying the social and emotional connections they make with others. Charming, independent, energetic and compassionate, the 7% of the population that they comprise can certainly be felt in any crowd.

Certain strengths of my type of personality are curiosity, observant, energetic, enthusiastic, excellent communicator, I know how to relax, I am very popular and friendly 1370962427(Funny though, I was never popular in school). From my perspective, I am what these strengths are. I consider myself very optimistic in every thing I do. The glass is not half empty, it just means there is room to dunk your cookies in!

Along with the strengths the website also list weaknesses. Those include, poor practical skills, find it difficult to focus, overthink things, get stressed easy, highly emotional, and independent to a fault. I agree with most of these weaknesses except for one. I used to get stressed early but I realized that it was pointless in getting over stressed about. It raise my blood pressure and only made me upset. In times of high stress I simply remind myself to have patience and that it will work itself out in some way.

Having friendships with an ENFP personality is something that all could benefit from. the website states:

ENFPs tend to get deeply involved in others’ lives, going to great lengths and efforts to be the selfless, caring and supportive people they are, and all the while forget to take care of themselves. Both in terms of basic needs like financial stability and rest, as well as more emotional needs like mutual understanding and reciprocation, ENFP personalities tend to give much more of themselves than most are even capable of giving back. This sort of imbalance isn’t sustainable, as (seemingly) one-sided generosity often leads to criticism and resentment on both sides.

The website goes along into saying how well ENFPs are at parenthood and workplace. It is great place to go and find your greatest personality traits and use them to your advantage. I encourage you to go and find out your own personality traits!


Til next time!


Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has a guilty pleasure, what ones are yours?

For me, I like to procrastinate but it is not a guilty pleasure. It has been three days since my last post and this whole 31 day challenge is well…..for lack of a better word is challenging!

Now onto my own guilty pleasures!

I will never in my life be able to NOT eat chocolate! It is my ultimate guilty pleasure that I cannot ever get enough of (Okay I admit, sometimes there are such things as too much chocolate). amstutz-chocobunny

I am unable to eat much chocolate or sweets for that matter since losing so much weight. But I refuse to give it up! Everything is in moderation for me, even chocolate.

Another guilty pleasure of mine is playing Second Life. It is a virtual reality game where people are able to customize avatars and live a life outside of our real lives. Some people get a bit too involved with it but it is fun for me. I am currently trying to create a place for people to visit and rent apartments. Yes, you really can make money in Second Life. Some people are very successful and their only source of income is Second Life. It is a guilty pleasure that I visit three or four times per week.

I love to read books and just about any type of genre. I have read from Twilight to 50 Shades of Grey (terribly written by the way) to The Shack. I go to school currently and have little time to read for enjoyment now. But even with my school reading I love to read about everything. My current class is about Christian Ethics and reading about ethics in general is absolutely fascinating.

What are  your own guilty pleasures?

Til next time!


Childhood Memories

When you think about your earliest childhood memories….what comes to mind? Riding on a two wheel bike without training wheels? Maybe your first day of school? Your older siblings picking on you constantly? Whatever it may be, I found it hard to think of my earliest childhood memory.

I remember my dad sitting me up on the bathroom sink and pulling out one of my loose teeth. I am not sure if this is my earliest childhood memory but it is one of my most treasured memories.

It makes it so much more bittersweet now that my dad has passed. He was the only one I could trust to pull out my tooth, so that I could get a visit from the tooth fairy later on that night.

It is funny, as I sit here thinking about getting my loose tooth pulled out more memories come flooding back. My mind keeps wandering back to our Christmas traditions of travelling up north to visit grandparents on Christmas Eve. Then waking up on Christmas morning and waiting patiently for more family members to come in and we would have the best of times. I remember one year getting a Barbie Dreamhouse for Christmas. It was the best Christmas a kid could ask for.

Always treasure the good moments you have in life. That way, when you are going through the worst time in your life you have something good to look back on. You can get through the bad days a little bit easier by thinking of those great days and memories.

Til Next time!


Courageous Healthy Me

Hey! It’s a blog post the same name as my blog! Amazing! Hehe.

As I was contemplating on creating a blog I was thinking of a great name to go along with it. My blog is not about any one thing in particular but it will surround my health and it changes. It will also include things from other aspects of my life as well.

I chose the name Courageous Healthy Me because (1) I have a instagram account already created with that name and (2) it takes a lot of courage to become healthy and leave all of the bad things behind you!

Becoming a runner at a larger than normal weight of a runner takes courage! I am still working on that New Year’s Resolution by the way!


It takes a lot of courage to not follow the crowd!

I love this quote, “Courage is not having the strength to go on. It is going on when you don’t have the strength”. Let’s admit it, sometimes we do not want to do a damn thing. It is too easy to stay they way that we are rather than to have to change it. But me not changing the way that I was, I was going to end up killing myself into an early grave. As I go on, it is only going to get more difficult to keep losing weight and to maintain that weight lost. But I plan on doing it and exceeding it. This is not for anybody else but me. This blog is more of an accountability to myself and if I am able to encourage someone else along the way, that is even all the better!

I will make mistakes, I will fall down and not want to get back up, but I know I will have the courage to get back up and keep moving forward even if I take 5 steps back and only 3 steps forward.

Til next time!


31 Day Challenge-20 Facts About Me

Have you ever had to think of 20 facts about yourself? It really is not the easiest thing to do. At least for me it was not the easiest thing to do. So, here it goes:

  1. I know how to crochet. I am self-taught and learned by watching a lot of youtube how-to videos and a lot of practice.
  2. I used to like horror movies. My favorite horror movies are the original Nightmare on Elm Street films. I do not like any current horror movies.
  3. I have two children. My children are my life and I cannot imagine my life without them.
  4. I like to play Second Life. Second Life is a roleplay game but it is very different from World of Warcraft. There are many different things you can into with Second Life. I have not played in a few months.
  5. I used to live in Virginia and North Carolina. My hasband served 5 years in the Marine Corps and that
    allowed me to experience life in a different part of the country.
  6. I have been to Germany and Spain. I visited for about 5 days while my husband was out on a MEU in Spain. I was 5 months pregnanat with my first child and ended up being sick during the whole trip. Even being sick, I am happy that I had that opportunity to get out of the country.europe_01
  7. I make crochet tutu dresses. I used to have a page on Etsy selling my creations but it did not start out very well. I ended up deleting my Etsy shop not because I did not have any sales but because it was too much work to try and market.
  8. I am going to school full time. I am double majoring and have been going to school for 3 years. I still have about 2 years to go. Last term I had a 3.85 GPA.
  9. I am a certified pharmacy technician. I love my job but it is not where I want to be for the rest of my life. prescription-plain
  10. I watched my father die in the hospital. He was very sick and needed a liver and kidney transplant. With his immune system compromised from the immunosupressants he ended up passing from a fungal infection on March 23rd.
  11. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I do not dress up for it with my kids, I might do it this year. But I absolutely love the idea of dressing up as someone else for a day.
  12. I love playing The Legend of Zelda games. I am so excited about the new Ninetendo console coming out this year (I hope!). With the hopes of the new Zelda game coming out with it.
  13. I love to sing. Not many people know that I am a very good singer because it is not something I do on a regular basis. I jut joined a choir at church and we will see how it turns out.
  14. I love musical theatre! Whether I am watching a musical on TV, live, or even participating in it. It has always been my passion and something I wanted to do with my life. Obviously things have changed but I will never let my love of musical theatre die.wasat_theatre_masks
  15. As of this morning, I have lost 100 pounds! This is something very difficult for me to admit. Many people are able to hide behind a screen and those on the other side reading these blog posts have no idea what I really look like. I have quite a few more pounds to lose but I am very proud of where I started and where I am currently.
  16. I went to a large group session with a pyshic last night.. No, really, I did! It was interesting to say the least. Although, none of my passed family members came through, a close friend of my sister’s had one of her passed family members come through.
  17. I watch too much Netflix. I liek to watch a few of the documentary’s available on Netlfix but I seem to watch and rewatch the same series over and over again.
  18. I can make cake pops. My first attempt at cake pops was not good. Now I am becoming very good at cake pops that people are offering me to make cake pops for their kids’ birthdays. I am now trying to figure out some type of gluten free cake pop mix.
  19. Colorado is my favorite place to be. It has such beauty that there is a certain amount of tranquility there for me. I would move there in a heartbeat if I was ever offered a job out there within a hospital administration.
  20. I am able to handle a lot of different things on my plate and not completely stress out. I am a juggler of sorts. I think that is a prerequisite of being a mom.

I never realized how hard it would be coming up with 20 facts about me. I am a very humble person and I do not like to point out my own accomplishments. I do not boast to other people. If someone asks me about myself I will tell them but it takes a lot to get me to talk about myself in a way that I don’t want other people to think that I think I am better than them. I am no better than anyone else. And to really sit down and think about myself it was hard. I challenge you to do the same and see what you can come up with!

Til the next post!


31 Day Blog Challenge- Introduction

971617_10151517703172336_366104504_nMy name is Stephanie and I live in Wisconsin. This morning when I got going to work it was 3 degrees Fahrenheit outside with a negative 16 degrees Fahrenheit windchill. It gets extremely cold here in WI lately! From yesterday’s post you can see I can be a procrastinator. I meant to type this blog post up last  night after practicing in a choir but it is harder to do since my laptop decided not to work anymore. I hope to be getting a replacement very soon!

I am 28 years old and have been married for 8 years. My husband and I have two children together, our oldest is 7 years old and our youngest is 3 years old. My family is my everything. Everything I do, I do it with them in mind. I love to keep myself busy with various projects going on all at once.

I am a certified pharmacy technician with a local hospital system. I work full time, Monday through Friday. We just opened a new facility with a brand new pharmacy and I enjoy almost all aspects of my job. I will probably get into more about being a pharmacy technician in a later post!

I love working in a hospital system and it has piqued my interest so much that I am attending college. I am double majoring, my primary major is Heath Care Management and my secondary major is Theology. I take Adult Accelerated classes that meet once a week for 4 hours and last 6 weeks long. It is really nice considering I work full time. My goal is to get into hospital administration and make a difference in people’s lives.

I am very involved with my church. I volunteer as a Sunday School Teacher, I directed the Children’s Christmas pageant, I am involved with the choir and bells choir there.

I love to read, if I ever get a chance to read a book that is NOT a textbook! I love to crochet. I crochet animals and things that not the usual. Although I will crochet a blanket if requested I get way too bored with it and seem to never really finish.

I bake cake pops! I do not have business for baking but I do bake for friends who might want those instead of a typical cake. It is so much fun to do and really brings out my creative side. In fact, I created a name for my side business, “Let Them Eat Cake Pops!”. I doubt it will ever turn into a huge business because it is not something that I see myself doing all of the time.

I think that is enough about me! Til tomorrow!



31 Day Blog Challenge

As part of my New Year’s resolutions I wanted to start a blog. My first and only post on was December 31, 2016. Considering my goal is to write one blog post per day I am falling behind, about 3 blog posts behind. Yikes!

New plan! For those of us who are fluent in the world of Pinterest I found quite a few blog challenges and have since decided that doing one of these might actually help me to write at least one blog post per day. The one I found is a 31-Day Blog Challenge and it is all about the blogger! So for the next 31 days you get to read all about me! Doesn’t that sound exciting!?

Perhaps in the future I will find blog challenge more about the things around me rather than about me.

Just to give  you a little insight of what  you can expect over the next 31 days here is a run down on what I will be writing about:

1- Introduction

2- 20 facts about me

3- Meaning of my blog name

4- Earliest childhood memory

5- My guilty pleasure

6- 3 personality traits I am proud of

7- 10 favorite foods

8- Old photo of me

9- Piercings and tattoos?

10- First celebrity crush

11- Most proud moment

12- If I won the lottery…

13- Favorite quote

14- What is in my handbag?

15- Timeline of my day

16- Dream job

17- Favorite childhood book

18- What am I afraid of?

19- My worst habits

20- Where I want to be in 10 years

21- Something I miss

22- 10 favorite songs

23- Pet peeves

24- A difficult time in my life

25- Best physical features

26- 5 favorite blogs

27- What makes me feel better, always

28- Last time I cried

29- Top things on my bucket list

30- Favorite comfort food

31- Weird quirk of mine


So there you have it! What to expect of me in the next 31 days! I will start with my introduction blog post later on tonight and continue after that. I need to get motivation to keep writing blog post every day and I hope this will motivate me enough!

On a side note: One of my New Year’s resolutions was to become a runner. That is going very well! On January 1st and 2nd I managed to walk 3 miles on my treadmill at home and last night I walked 1 and 1/2 miles on my treadmill. I plan on walking 1 and 1/2 miles to 3 miles per day in order to increase my stamina. After a month of walking every day I will work on increasing speed and length of time.



I will become a runner! Even if I end up looking like her!