About Me

Hello, my name is Stephanie.971617_10151517703172336_366104504_n

I am 28 years old and currently live in Wisconsin and have two young children and a husband. I work as a Certified Pharmacy Technician with a local hospital system. I attend an Adult Accelerated school and am currently double majoring in Health Care Management and Theology.

This year is my year to change my life around. I lost a total of 98 pounds in 2016 and I have about 79 pounds left to lose to be at a healthy BMI. This year I am changing more than my eating and exercising habits. I included other things in my New Year’s Resolutions to help me emotionally as well.

I am a very positive person and I hardly worry about much. I have found that what I think about myself is far more important than what others think of me. I am the only one who can make myself happy and that is exactly my plan for the year of 2017.

My blog will not only include my progress toward my New Year’s Resolutions but it will also contain helpful information, short stories, poems, and random commentaries on what is going on in the world.