Courageous Healthy Me

Hey! It’s a blog post the same name as my blog! Amazing! Hehe.

As I was contemplating on creating a blog I was thinking of a great name to go along with it. My blog is not about any one thing in particular but it will surround my health and it changes. It will also include things from other aspects of my life as well.

I chose the name Courageous Healthy Me because (1) I have a instagram account already created with that name and (2) it takes a lot of courage to become healthy and leave all of the bad things behind you!

Becoming a runner at a larger than normal weight of a runner takes courage! I am still working on that New Year’s Resolution by the way!


It takes a lot of courage to not follow the crowd!

I love this quote, “Courage is not having the strength to go on. It is going on when you don’t have the strength”. Let’s admit it, sometimes we do not want to do a damn thing. It is too easy to stay they way that we are rather than to have to change it. But me not changing the way that I was, I was going to end up killing myself into an early grave. As I go on, it is only going to get more difficult to keep losing weight and to maintain that weight lost. But I plan on doing it and exceeding it. This is not for anybody else but me. This blog is more of an accountability to myself and if I am able to encourage someone else along the way, that is even all the better!

I will make mistakes, I will fall down and not want to get back up, but I know I will have the courage to get back up and keep moving forward even if I take 5 steps back and only 3 steps forward.

Til next time!


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